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Losing Something That Was Never Really Ours

When my wife told me she was pregnant, it was the most surreal experience of my life.

The Theater of Protest

Their shouts of “white power!” were countered by our shouts of “Nazi pigs have got to go!” At the end of the day, nothing really happene

Wizards in Wisconsin

In my afternoon with wizards and troll farts, I collected electronic sparkles, almost broke my neck, and unknowingly imprisoned myself and my younger brother.

I Wish I Were Doing What You Are Doing

But while I travel around working gigs and having experiences that many people feel they desire, something gnaws deep inside me.

Faded Memories

I technically shouldn’t have graduated—you were only allowed a total of twenty excused absences in a year, and I had something like thirty-five my senior year.

Above and Below

My mom refers to Cedar as a “thin place.” She means that whatever barrier keeps humans at a distance from the Spirit is measurably smaller.



by | Jun 14, 2016

I was not just leaving behind a friend, but someone who loves the parts of me I don’t. Sometimes adulthood just feels like a dawn of frequent partings.



My sister owned a copy of Hanson’s first album, “Middle of Nowhere,” that I loved to steal, along with her cream-colored boom box, and play on repeat while I circled the garage in rollerblades and sang along to words I didn’t really understand.

Reflections on Water (Five Memories)

Reflections on Water (Five Memories)

I couldn’t see where the lake ended and land began. The white/grey of the snow and ice blended perfectly with the grey of the sky making it impossible to tell where the sky began.

The End of Solitude

The End of Solitude

Strange how things happen. You can put all your effort into living well only to find that you were living just fine the whole time.