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Four Easters and a Funeral

Christmas is always the musk of dusty angel robes and glow of Christmas tree lights on the hardwood floor. Easter, however, is rarely the same twice.

Elements of a Good Meal

Food, I think, is more than a culinary experience. Memories of good meals carry the same aromatic nostalgia of campfire smoke and fondly remembered perfume.

Brute Friendship

Elena’s need for the “dazzling, terrible” Lila is so powerful that it can be felt in the writing: if some parts of the novels drag, it is because Elena, without Lila, is herself dragging.

Why We Wander

As a writer, I want to say I’m haunted by this question—why do we travel? In reality I’m not “haunted” by the why of travel so much as annoyed by its insistence on being answered.

No One Is Born Alone

But after Greg passed, something truly remarkable happened. My grandpa made a request that was shocking to the doctors—he wanted to donate his son’s organs to those who needed them.

Scattered Moments

In the past month, I have slept in nine different beds, only three of which I consider (or considered) mine. I have traveled by plane, train, and automobile. And bicycle.

Tongue Ties

Tongue Ties

by | Sep 3, 2013

Between the cobblestones and the hills, nothing is level here in Perugia, Italy, and although I’ve wandered through almost all of the piazzas, vias, and alleys of the historical center, I still haven’t found a right angle.  Nothing is flat.  Nothing is straight. ...
Witnessing and Keeping Track

Witnessing and Keeping Track

Our memories mark everything we touch because we filter our new experiences through our old. However, unlike a fingerprint, our memories are more easily changed.