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Leaving Home in Search of Home

Most people say that I shouldn’t let anything hold me back from doing great things. But I don’t have much desire to do great things. What are great things without the small things?

How to Hot Yoga

Lucky for me, The Hot Room was offering a free event at a local park last week.

Why Notre Dame’s Walkout on Mike Pence Matters

Words are not the deciding factor here. Actions are met with actions.

Billboards & Bumper Stickers

This is where we are. The reduction of a decades-long debate with life-changing ramifications to a billboard. Or a bumper sticker. Or a sound bite.

Cheering on a Long-Distance Runner

Every spring, Notre Dame holds a half-marathon called (surprise, surprise) “The Holy Half.”

Through the Limbo Days

Come this new year, let’s not see how low we can go.

Miles to Go

Miles to Go

by | Oct 11, 2016

Maybe by the time I’m ninety-six or ninety-seven I’ll see things differently. Maybe I’ll see divine love in the allowance of racial violence, torture, and marginalization.

Touchdown Jesus

Touchdown Jesus

Certainly the most popular selfie-spot on campus, Touchdown Jesus overlooks the football stadium with Christ and his perpetually upraised arms.

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

We aren’t who we should be, and that’s not ok. And try as we do, we can’t fix our ugliness. But that doesn’t mean we’re not loved, and it doesn’t mean we’re alone.

Life Hacks and Road Trips

Life Hacks and Road Trips

6. Bribes are more than okay. I’ve trained my kids to think that tic-tacs are the holiest of grails in terms of possible rewards for good behavior.