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On Second Grade Reading Lists

As I’ve been moving my life into this new room, I’ve been dismantling the one in the southwest suburbs of Chicago where I slept in from the age of ten until I left for college.

Hamilplans: Trying Not to Cry at Hamilton

An hour before Hamilton, we marched circles around the theater, trying to hold off seeing the Hamilton marquee (not Lafayette) till the exact right moment.


Dear M,
I hope you are enjoying life in Oregon. I am trying very hard not to miss you. Sometimes, it works.

Mega Screen

Two weeks ago, in the lead-up to a concert, I got to read poetry off a video screen that was larger than the end zone of a football field.


Nowhere else in this big wide world of ours can you find a life-size Michael Jackson and Princess Diana made entirely out of marzipan.

How Their Stories Became Mine

The US eventually emerged from The Great Depression, but my grandmother did not.

How to Escape

How to Escape

by | Feb 16, 2017

Where had he been when? What happened on the way? Why was he there? How did he die? The answers were dispersed on these 28 square feet. We needed them to get out.

Nothing Wasted

Nothing Wasted

When is the last time
You knew what you wanted?

Fly the W

Fly the W

If anyone in contemporary America can sympathize with the frustration of first-century Christians awaiting the imminent return of Christ, it’s we Cubs fans.

The West

The West

I’ve never quite understood the call of the West, a siren song so strong that some will risk—and lose—their lives to follow it.