Andrew Orlebeke

After working in Washington, D.C., for two years, Andrew Orlebeke (’10) is in graduate school in Seattle, Washington, studying public policy. In addition to public service, he has a passion for traveling and an abiding love of sports.

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Kaepernick Has A Case

I think the quarterback-turned-activist-turned-political-punching-bag-turned-guy-who-hates-soldiers-and-freedom-for-some-reason has a legitimate case against the NFL.

Why I’m A Democrat

It has become part and parcel of political commentary to proclaim, usually in a grave and foreboding tone, that we have entered a “post-truth” society.

Thanks, Obama

Obama showed me that you can be a politician and a person of upright character and moral probity.

Election Misconceptions

What follows are the most common statements which I have seen expressed from people and camps eager to move on and put this toxic election behind them.

The Late Twenties

Self-exploration and discovery don’t stop at the end of the twenties or upon graduation or after getting married or ever.

The Definitive TV Show Primer

It’s finally here: After conducting numerous focus groups, objectively scouring reviews, carefully analyzing plot devices, and synthesizing the results, I am ready to debut The Definitive TV Show Primer.

The Hillary Lie

Hillary has been the target of thousands of sexist attacks on Twitter, including some in which she is blamed for her husband’s affair. Call me crazy, but I find it difficult to imagine a male politician getting blamed for his wife’s improprieties.

University Cost Continues to Rise

As most students and recent graduates know, college tuition has skyrocketed in the past 10-15 years. Private school tuition has certainly trended upward, but it is public university tuition in which the difference has been really pronounced.

To My Friends Who Support Bernie

All I am asking is that if Bernie ends up losing the nomination, please go and vote for Hillary. She may not possess the charisma of Barack Obama or the radical progressiveness of Bernie Sanders, but she is a strong and capable candidate.

The Bright Side: Global Edition

When we are constantly being bombarded by how terrible the world is, it is easy to overlook the bright spots. This post is dedicated to some of the things in the world worth celebrating.

The Game To End All Games

That’s why I began playing again in Korea; I was looking for friends and I knew that Ultimate people, by and large, are people with whom I like to spend time.


He just may be the most interesting candidate in either party because the Lessig campaign is based on one thing and one thing only: leveling the voting playing field.

(De)Segregation Nation

About a month ago, the Supreme Court announced their decisions on three cases in three different realms of society. All will have a significant impact going forward. Two of them—the nationwide legalization of gay marriage and the upholding of health insurance...

Netherland: A Review

Chuck is, for O’Neill, an incarnation of New York itself: brash, quick-talking, big-dreaming, and under the surface, deeply flawed. Even his self-proclaimed motto sounds gimmicky.

Movie Reviewettes

It is manifestly astonishing, in the waning days of the vampire craze in which we find ourselves, that there are still vampirical depths yet to be plumbed.

Korean Renaissance

As we have witnessed in countless places, economic crises tend to lead to civil unrest and increased anger towards the establishment. Not in Korea.

Finding the Colors

Life no longer is about filing papers or planning for the future or buying groceries; it’s about going on quests and drinking with travelers in taverns and trading stories around a fire.

2014 Underreported Stories

Lost in all of those stories, though, are some ongoing topics which are just as important and get one percent of the airtime. Without further ado, a few issues which received short shrift in 2014.